Sorry Mian Sahab, the youth doesn’t need your laptops, taxis and Aashiyana Schemes. They are with Imran khan and only Imran khan and only Imran khan,Sorry”.
I read this status by one of my university friend who is following PTI for a long time. I was not surprised by this because I know that most of the PTI leaders and followers often do this type of criticism. I will say this discouragement rather than criticism. Then at the mean time I remind a quote that “One of the things that one should consider when he is been discouraged by his criticizers is whether discouragers have accomplished that which they are trying to discourage you”.
Today Imran khan hasn’t given the chance to criticize Punjab government and Mian Shahbaz Sharif for these social and fair projects.

We know that youngsters of Defense and other posh areas do not need such kind of schemes because they have lot of money earned by their parents fairly or unfairly. But there are millions of youngsters and people for whom buying a laptop, having their own house was merely a dream. But with the Grace of Allah Almighty and efforts of Mian Shahbaz Sharif this dream come true for many.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif has emerged as leader of common people. From the day first he worked for the prosperity of poor and middle class. He stood with them in their difficult times. He tried to make every project corruption free and he succeeded in most of them. The completion of projects is the symbol that he came with a mind set and deliver as much as he could. Despite of the fact that, on many projects federal government didn’t provide assistance to him like underground railway system but he managed to change the condition somehow.
We are very much happy with his contribution and I have no words to say for those who criticize and discourage him. It really hurts but actions speak louder than words and Inshallah if Allah gives a chance to PMLN to serve the country we will do it more than it. Long Live Mian Shahbaz Sharif (aameen)

Nawaz Sharif Leader That Pakistan Need

 1947 a country is created but to make it prosper a nation builder is needed. A reformer who has

Vision to change the fate of the country, a leader who holds hearts and minds of

People. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s vision for Pakistan is of tolerance, peace, modernity and

Progress as he led in his past .He started numerous projects in Pakistan that were

needed. He has an experienced team to face the challenges that Pakistan is facing today. In the past

He worked throughout the country without any discrimination in all the provinces of Pakistan but the

Other parties like PPP, PML (Q), PTI make allegation that PML(N) is the party of Punjab and it just works

In Punjab. Recent survey of Gallup denied all the baseless theories of them and proved that

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the leader across the country that can bring out Pakistan from all

these difficulties and who can feel the pain of Pakistani nation and the Pakistani nation is ready to

accept him.

 Elections are near and it’s time to make new alliances for upcoming elections

So that we can get rid of these corrupts people and lead Pakistan in a progressive way. After the

Flood in Sindh Nawaz Sharif visited flood victim people while on the other hand PPP

Leadership and the parliamentarians did not take care of those people and left them on their condition.

At that time those Sindhi people and nationalist leader felt that Nawaz Sharif is the leader who

felt their pain in his heart. So then a turning point came in Sindh when Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto 

announced to merge his party in PMLN. 

After that many nationalist Parties in

sindh like Sindh United Party, National People Party and PML(F) and many more nationalist

parties has announced to form a grand alliance in Sindh against PPP and its allies. So that they

can stop the corrupt leadership to come again in power.

In Blochistan Nawab Talal Bugti, the son of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Chief of Jamhuri Watan

Party, called on Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif and discussed issues related

to Balochistan. Nawaz Sharif has pointed out on many forums about the current situation in

Balochistan. The situatoin of Balochistan is very serious the current condition of law and

order issue of missing persons, target killings and bomb blasts are leading

Balochistan to very harmful stage .At this time when government is not fulfilling his

responsibilities Nawaz Sharif is the leader who is going to Baloch leaders to convince them and

they also believe in Nawaz Sharif . Talal Bugti , Saradr Akhter mangel.Sardar Atta ullah

Mangel have said that that they have confidence in Nawaz Sharif because he can fulfill

Their deficiencies. He can give them the rights of Balochi people that they deserve since

Pakistan came into existence. A few days ago senator Lashkari Raysani with his many

Parliamentarians announced to join PMLN. This is a great achivement of PMLN, while on the other

Hand Jamhuri Watan Party and jui(f) is going to announces their alliance in Balochistan. This

Progress will take to the better condition of pmln in Balochistan.

In KPK the condition of tribal areas is alarming. Militancy is at its peaks and ANP has

Completely failed to restore the condition in KPK.TTP declared that they are willing to talk with

Pakitan Government if three leaders including Syes Munwer Hassan, Mulana Fazal-ur-Rehman

and Nawaz Sharif, if these people give the guarantee they can talk to Government about the

Condition of KPK and also demanding Nawaz Sharif to make alliance with them.PMLN is going to
announce alliance in KPK with jui(f) and dialoge is inprogress with jamat islami .Now this is the time to

save Pakistan and Nawazsharif is the leader that Pakistan needs. Its our responsibility to strong

the arms of Nawaz sharif for a prosper Pakistan and neglect all these so called revolutionary


Engr. Qais Rehman Minhas

PMLN Towards Energy Solutions

“Man can do more than he know with setting a proper goal for himself with high aim and must be ready to struggle hard for his aim no matter how difficult the destination is and the next most important thing is that he must behave honorably towards everything”.

High Aim is the first step towards success but you must not forget that practical work is also essential. Our country Pakistan is facing many problems for a last decade. You and everybody are well aware of these issues. Many of us are looking for solutions today but if go few years back when Pakistan Peoples Party gave the ministry of water and power to Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in 2008; he promised the nation that he will solve the energy problem in December. Realistically speaking though we had been facing this problem since the Mushraf and Q league government and it was very much manageable that time. But neither Mushraf nor PPP tried sincerely to start any new project that could be more beneficial for the people than Rental power plants.
Two days ago PMLN announced its Manifesto in which keen importance is given to economy and energy management. We all know that industry needs power to run without power we cannot run this. In the manifesto it is stated that PMLN government will utilize coal to make electricity as we have enough reservoirs of coal in Sindh. I know that PPP government is also working on this project but you can check out their sincerity by the statement of one of their minister who said that “this is not an applicable project” but one of the most honorable scientist has approved this and working on it.

PML (N) presents policy outline to overcome energy crisis

Yesterday while addressing a huge crowd at Mardan Mian Nawaz Sharif said that few news papers have made heading that PMLN will solve this issue in two years but he cleared that I am man of words, by the grace of Allah I do what I say and inshALLAH we will spend our best to solve this issue as soon as possible. This shows his attention and clear intension towards this problem
. We have many options and PMLN government of PUNJAB started working to solve this issue by distributing solar power systems in students. There are many other options like new water reservoirs, wind energy and importing energy for some period of time to give relaxation to people of Pakistan.

You merely don’t need resources but you also need leadership. Mian Nawaz Sharif managed to make Pakistan Nuclear power under a huge foreign pressure and Mian Shahbaz Sharif managed to develop Punjab in these circumstances. So we have a belief that PMLN has ability to solve these issues more than any other and inshallah every worker of PMLN shall give their contribution to the government of Pakistan with suggestions and practical work.

Manifesto Of PMLN

The first remedy for a mismanaged country is to build a strong economy in short term for a longer period of time. Anyone can run economy by the inflation and increasing ratio of unfair taxes or one can fight against a weaker state to occupy it’s resources. They both bring temporary prosperity but ruin the nation and country. So if you want to be prospered and to give equal social services to nation then you must have a strong economy.
Today Pakistan Muslim league announced its manifesto for the upcoming elections of 2013. In its manifesto the leaders have given keen importance to the economic growth.
I was very much surprised when I read it first time because our country has many other problems like Terrorism, immature Politics and sectarian killings etc. And these are not given as importance as they need. But if we look in a broader way that why such things are happening, we will observe that we don’t have jobs, our industry in mostly shut down, prices of common goods are out of reach and income is comparatively not enough, we are under burden of debts of foreign countries and banks, our Army is in state of emergency for past 10 years.We can provide many justifications that we are fighting our own war but this was not our war though today thousands of my solider and people are martyred but fact is this that we need money that is been provided on these services. So we are performing like a puppet.

Bottom line is this that we cannot make the decision of our destiny by ourselves until we become a debt free state. We cannot earn money by wars anymore. We have to stand on our feet to pay these debts.
We are not a poor country we are just mismanaged. We have treasures in Balochistan but they throw this part of land in instability. In the manifesto of PMLN it is clearly  stated that PMLN government will inshallah utilize these treasures to make Pakistan and Pakistanis prosper.
At last I want to clear one more thing that though PMLN had gained the government two times before but tell me one thing that for how long??? . Our two terms cannot make five years. And compare the work of these two incomplete terms you will come to know that PMLN has worked more than any other government.
  So give us one more chance to serve our motherland and fellows. We have shown our humble show of work in Punjab and we want to make a prosper Pakistan