Manifesto Of PMLN

The first remedy for a mismanaged country is to build a strong economy in short term for a longer period of time. Anyone can run economy by the inflation and increasing ratio of unfair taxes or one can fight against a weaker state to occupy it’s resources. They both bring temporary prosperity but ruin the nation and country. So if you want to be prospered and to give equal social services to nation then you must have a strong economy.
Today Pakistan Muslim league announced its manifesto for the upcoming elections of 2013. In its manifesto the leaders have given keen importance to the economic growth.
I was very much surprised when I read it first time because our country has many other problems like Terrorism, immature Politics and sectarian killings etc. And these are not given as importance as they need. But if we look in a broader way that why such things are happening, we will observe that we don’t have jobs, our industry in mostly shut down, prices of common goods are out of reach and income is comparatively not enough, we are under burden of debts of foreign countries and banks, our Army is in state of emergency for past 10 years.We can provide many justifications that we are fighting our own war but this was not our war though today thousands of my solider and people are martyred but fact is this that we need money that is been provided on these services. So we are performing like a puppet.

Bottom line is this that we cannot make the decision of our destiny by ourselves until we become a debt free state. We cannot earn money by wars anymore. We have to stand on our feet to pay these debts.
We are not a poor country we are just mismanaged. We have treasures in Balochistan but they throw this part of land in instability. In the manifesto of PMLN it is clearly  stated that PMLN government will inshallah utilize these treasures to make Pakistan and Pakistanis prosper.
At last I want to clear one more thing that though PMLN had gained the government two times before but tell me one thing that for how long??? . Our two terms cannot make five years. And compare the work of these two incomplete terms you will come to know that PMLN has worked more than any other government.
  So give us one more chance to serve our motherland and fellows. We have shown our humble show of work in Punjab and we want to make a prosper Pakistan