Nawaz Sharif Leader That Pakistan Need

 1947 a country is created but to make it prosper a nation builder is needed. A reformer who has

Vision to change the fate of the country, a leader who holds hearts and minds of

People. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s vision for Pakistan is of tolerance, peace, modernity and

Progress as he led in his past .He started numerous projects in Pakistan that were

needed. He has an experienced team to face the challenges that Pakistan is facing today. In the past

He worked throughout the country without any discrimination in all the provinces of Pakistan but the

Other parties like PPP, PML (Q), PTI make allegation that PML(N) is the party of Punjab and it just works

In Punjab. Recent survey of Gallup denied all the baseless theories of them and proved that

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the leader across the country that can bring out Pakistan from all

these difficulties and who can feel the pain of Pakistani nation and the Pakistani nation is ready to

accept him.

 Elections are near and it’s time to make new alliances for upcoming elections

So that we can get rid of these corrupts people and lead Pakistan in a progressive way. After the

Flood in Sindh Nawaz Sharif visited flood victim people while on the other hand PPP

Leadership and the parliamentarians did not take care of those people and left them on their condition.

At that time those Sindhi people and nationalist leader felt that Nawaz Sharif is the leader who

felt their pain in his heart. So then a turning point came in Sindh when Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto 

announced to merge his party in PMLN. 

After that many nationalist Parties in

sindh like Sindh United Party, National People Party and PML(F) and many more nationalist

parties has announced to form a grand alliance in Sindh against PPP and its allies. So that they

can stop the corrupt leadership to come again in power.

In Blochistan Nawab Talal Bugti, the son of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Chief of Jamhuri Watan

Party, called on Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif and discussed issues related

to Balochistan. Nawaz Sharif has pointed out on many forums about the current situation in

Balochistan. The situatoin of Balochistan is very serious the current condition of law and

order issue of missing persons, target killings and bomb blasts are leading

Balochistan to very harmful stage .At this time when government is not fulfilling his

responsibilities Nawaz Sharif is the leader who is going to Baloch leaders to convince them and

they also believe in Nawaz Sharif . Talal Bugti , Saradr Akhter mangel.Sardar Atta ullah

Mangel have said that that they have confidence in Nawaz Sharif because he can fulfill

Their deficiencies. He can give them the rights of Balochi people that they deserve since

Pakistan came into existence. A few days ago senator Lashkari Raysani with his many

Parliamentarians announced to join PMLN. This is a great achivement of PMLN, while on the other

Hand Jamhuri Watan Party and jui(f) is going to announces their alliance in Balochistan. This

Progress will take to the better condition of pmln in Balochistan.

In KPK the condition of tribal areas is alarming. Militancy is at its peaks and ANP has

Completely failed to restore the condition in KPK.TTP declared that they are willing to talk with

Pakitan Government if three leaders including Syes Munwer Hassan, Mulana Fazal-ur-Rehman

and Nawaz Sharif, if these people give the guarantee they can talk to Government about the

Condition of KPK and also demanding Nawaz Sharif to make alliance with them.PMLN is going to
announce alliance in KPK with jui(f) and dialoge is inprogress with jamat islami .Now this is the time to

save Pakistan and Nawazsharif is the leader that Pakistan needs. Its our responsibility to strong

the arms of Nawaz sharif for a prosper Pakistan and neglect all these so called revolutionary


Engr. Qais Rehman Minhas


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