Past Of PML(N)

Correction does much but encouragement do more Encouragement after censure is as the sun after a Shower."
 This is a famous quote which needs to follow badly in our society.If we look at ourselves we will observe that most of the time we highlight only the dark side.No matter a person has done hundred good deeds but we'll reject him or criticize  him just because of his few mistakes.
In our society you are treated as a goalkeeper,"people will not count the goals you saved but they remember only those which you missed".
So called most popular party of Mr Imran Khan started his speeches in a way that targeting a person who is much better than others.He ignored the blood of innocent people in Karachi.He forgot the activities of last government.He forgot the corruption of last and present government but he remind the son of Mian Nawaz Sharif.He remind that he left the country but he forgot why and how he left the country.He remind that Nawaz Sharif cheated him and and APDM before elections of 2008 but he forgot that it hadbeen planned that Mushraf will remain President for next 10 years according to Shujat Husain and Pervaiz Ellahi and he forgot many other things to but he never forgot to criticize PMLN and Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Yes I am defending PML N and Mian Nawaz Sharif.Because I have answers why he left the country,Why he participated in Elections of 2008?.And one more thing Mian Nawaz Sharif and other members of PMLN admit several times on media that they committed mistakes but we have a learnt a lot from these are the few points that will help to know why Nawaz Sharif
1-Even they don't give the credit of making Pakistan an atomic power.Fans of PTI share the videos that claim Mian sb was not in favor of testing the bombs and was afraid of foreign pressure.But today we are standing as an Atomic Power.My request to Them is" Then my dears fellows you also not have right to say that Imran Khan brought world cup in Pakistan.Nawaz Sharif leading the country that time so He is our champion.
2-After the death of Bhutto there is no awami leader except Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.We all have wish that he live long to serve Pakistan..If he remain in Pakistan same thing could happened with him as a dictator had done with Akbar Bugti,Aafia Saddique and many more..So please if you have problem that why our leader is alive then go and consult with a doctor.And next-in-line of shaheed Bhutto are as Zardaris...and we don't want such kind of leaders.

3-It was confirmed  that PMLQ+PPP participate in General Elections of 2008.You cant deny the fact that Mohtarma Shaheed signed an agreement with musharaf but when she came in Pakistan ground realities was totally against that she and musharraf thought.And after her death Zardari is going to lead PPP and he announced to fight in elections.Time has proved that Zardari is much worst then Musharraf.  92 seats of PMLN are only hurdle in demolishing the Institutes of Pakistan like Judiciary and even Army.
4-He supported Zardari not for Zardari's Interest but he did for the died democracy and betterment of Pakistan.But he was badly trapped by Zardari and his team.Nation is witness of all this.After Zardari you start blaming day and night.Now PPP has cashed all the cheques of Shaheeds now the only thing that will help them is their abilities and work that they have done..They are no more Shaheeds.
5-If you want to see what Nawaz Sharif had done in so called 2 terms which were not even halfly completed  open the link and satisfy yourself...You have right to criticize but criticizm for betterment not for hatred of your leaders/

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{Thank you "Malik Dawood Tariq"}

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