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Sincerity doesn’t mean any thing. A person can be sincere and be more destructive than a person who is insincere.
A deep truth is hidden in this quote. Generally we only take sincerity in a positive manner and it should be taken as positive but we ignore that when a sincere person hurts how it feels?
I believe he shattered and don’t want to live. But if he does this then the only thing that helps him to live is “Revenge”. Then Love turns into war and in “love and war all is fair”.
This philosophy works. So one should never hurt a sincere a person and try to be sincere towards his fellows and all human beings.

In past few days lot of trouble was seen in political screen of Pakistan Muslim League N and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. All details are before you so it will be a waste of place to discuss that.
Now we have to see ourselves that are we sincere towards our fellows? I am a supporter of Pakistan Muslim League so I start from my self that whether I am sincere or not???
But before thinking on this question I feel myself very much confused, and this confusion gets much worst whenever I used to listen press conferences like done by MR Khan..
Since the groom of PTI most effected party is PMLN. Obviously   if PMLN is affected then worker of PMLN is also been affected. Unfortunately in our society Parties need a lot of money to run. A common man can’t compete in elections on his own behalf. So for a moment we consider that I am going to compete in election. I assure you that I have no corruption charges, I belong to a Middle class family, I am well educated, I have abilities to lead and most importantly I have passion to serve my country. In spite of these assumptions I can’t win elections. Winning is far away I can’t even compete. As we have seen many examples in past. One of them I want to mention here is of NA61.Where Faiz Tamman was competing against Pervaiz ellahi on PMLN ticket. Faiz has enough money but comparatively less than Pervaiz Ellahi.
Pervaiz Ellahi was 100% sure to win that seat because he had made a great contribution in progress of that area during his reign. And most importantly they had provided a double cabin Toyota to every family who has 100 votes. But Faiz Tamman won the election only by a margin of 5 hundred votes. And these were the voters who just voted for the name of Nawaz Sharif. After 2 years he had resign in illegal degree issue.Seat again won by PMLN but Faiz Tamman left the party. Because his interest is Ticket for National Assembly and joined PTI. Every Wadera has joined PTI in NA61 because in they think that PTI is going to clean sweep in next elections.
That was one side of picture that we change parties for our personal interests. But yesterday I met a driver, I asked him have you listen Imran khan's press conference? he said yes but no matter what he says I am going to vote for Shehbaz Sharif. Though he was not much educated but he is leading many of us in sincerity. Sincerity towards Party and Party Leaders. He never met Nawaz Sharif or any other PMLn leader but has lot of love for them.The person like that are true definition of political sincerity.
So before this 14th of August all the sincere party workers of Pakistan Muslim League N make promise with  them selves that they will remain with party until the elections and make it strong to win the next elections. After the elections if party is not fulfilling your expectations then go and read the first Line of this article before the President of Party no matter Who he is...
And its up to you that whether Your Government has delivered or not in Punjaab.But in my point of view Punjab government has done much than be with them and work for the betterment of Party.Because this is not party of Nawaz sharif or any other it is the Party of your forefathers who established this in 1906..This is Pakistan Muslim League and make your slogan "Mein Muslim League hoon"
But our Leaders should understand their duties to...Prove your selves as Sincere Workers I swear you will get Sincere Leaders who will never cheat you and stand with you in all circumstances.:)

(Malik Dawood Tariq )

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